Sunday, May 17, 2020

Virtual Tour of Spain: Day Nine, Day Ten: Granada (May 16-17, 2020)

Welcome to our "Virtual Tour of Spain" May 8 to 22, 2020!
Days Nine & Ten: Saturday, May 16, Sunday, May 17, 2020
Granada: Alhambra By Day, Walking the Town
Wandering Granada, a scene from a beautiful 14-minute YouTube video about Granada from Canal Andalucia Turismo, narrated in Spanish. See full video below or visit

Good morning everyone!  It's Sunday morning as we recap this weekend's stay in Granada.  A bit of heavy rain yesterday afternoon just for about an hour, and today is sunny and beautiful ... a bit of rain expected for about an hour at 6 tonight. Friday night we were captivated by our hour and a half walk through Nasrid Palace by night.  Saturday and today, Sunday, we've been wandering the streets of Granada, enjoying amazing food, and going back to a very leisurely daytime visit to the Alhambra, Nasrid Palace by day, Generalife Palace and gardens, and simply taking in the beauty and history of this city with roots in the Moslem, Judaic, and Christian heritage of Andalucia.

Our first treat is our virtual walk through the small cobblestone streets of Granada.  First, let's look at an orientation map of where we will be starting, the Plaza Virgen del Carmen:

Orientation Map for Walk from Virgen del Carmen
to Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo

... then our virtual walk through Google Street View:

Now for our virtual walk using our Google Street View, above, we start from Calle Virgen del Carmen. Go straight ahead until you enter the Plaza Virgen del Carmen. Go past the dog by the fountain in the center and continue diagonally across the Plaza to Calle Almez. Continue straight until we start to go up the Callejon Algibe de Trillo, passing the Plaza Algibe de Trillo (not so much a Plaza but steps up the cobblestone street). The street narrows to an alley with steps as we pass a parked motorcycle. We continue onward as the street turns 90 degrees to the right, more steps. Say hello to the woman we pass by ... gorgeous purple flowers overflowing from the top of the whitewashed wall as we continue on Aljibe del Trillo ... when we come to a "Y" in our walk, take the left side, continuing up the steps at Placeta Comino. Another "Y" on our walk, take the left (Cuesta de las Tomasas). As the street continues past the car barriers, make the right to continue straight up the hill where the street changes to Callejón de las Tomasas. We jog to the left, continuing on Calle Carril de las Tomasas. We pass Placeta de Abad. And walk past the church on our left at the Plaza del Salvador ... continue on Calle Panaderos ... continue up the hill to the Mirador de San Cristobal at the Carretera de Murcia as the view across Granada opens up to the left. From this vantage point we see the whole city below, and a river in the distance. You can walk further, down the hill, using Google Maps to get to the Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo.

Tech notes about navigating in Google Street Views: When viewing the "Virtual Tour of Spain" daily entries on a phone, you may find that you can get "stuck" within a Google Street View while you are swiping up or down on the page. That's because the Google Street View image is live and responds to your finger swiping. Just swipe up or down on the LEFT or RIGHT MARGINS (outside of the Street View image), and your navigation up or down the page continues normally.

Some great YouTube videos will allow us to virtually -- and visually -- experience this weekend.  First, is the 14-minute YouTube video from Canal Andalucia Turismo, narrated in Spanish.

Next is a very well done YouTube video from CNN:

Up next we spend three minutes with Rick Steves:

We wrap up our weekend in Granada with a 12-minute YouTube video of "the top ten things to do!"

That's our DAYS NINE and TEN!  We just have a few minutes before we are packed and off to the Granada rail station for our Sunday, 3:45pm AVE 99596 train to Malaga arriving at 5:21pm. Coming up in next daily post: Our adventures in Malaga for our DAYS TEN to TWELVE of our Virtual Tour of Spain!



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