Thursday, May 21, 2020

Virtual Tour of Spain: Days Ten to Twelve: Malaga (May 17-19, 2020)

Welcome to our "Virtual Tour of Spain" May 8 to 22, 2020!
Days Ten to Twelve: 
Sunday, May 17, to Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Train to Malaga, Walking the Town
Wandering Malaga, a scene from a fascinating 13-minute non-narrated nighttime walking tour of Malaga, from YouTube. See full video below or visit

Hello everyone!  On our original Spain travel itinerary, many were closing their trip with Granada on Sunday and then flying back home from Madrid. But you and we are Virtual Travelers, so we'll continue our originally scheduled "extension" on from Granada to Malaga and Ronda.

On Sunday, May 17, we left Granada by train at 3:45pm (aboard AVE 99596) bound for Malaga, arriving at 5:21pm.  Our accommodations through Tuesday are the Apartamentos Debambu, in the heart of Malaga.  On our arrival, we're amazed by the change in weather ... it's been chilly over the previous days in Granada ... with a bit of rain and temps in the mid-60's, but it's 79 degrees and blue skies upon our arrival and more of the same through the next two days leading up to our Tuesday departure for Ronda.

Train from Granada to Malaga
Our first treat is our virtual walk through the streets of Malaga.  But first let's recap our train trip from Granada to Malaga to get our general orientation:

Google Walking Orientation Map of Malaga:
Picasso Museum, Carmen Thyssen Museum,
Mercado Central de Atarazanas
Here's our orientation map of the center of Malaga, with the major highlights marked: Picasso Museum, Carmen Tyssen Museum, and the Mercado Central de Atarazanas.

Virtual Walk: Apartamentos Bambu to Picasso Museum
From our Malaga "headquarters" -- the Apartamentos Bambu -- we head straight ahead (east) on Calle Duende then turn left on Calle Nueva, right onto Calle Especería, continue onto Plaza de la Constitución, turn left to stay on Plaza de la Constitución, turn right onto Calle Sta. María, turn left onto Calle San Agustín, and our destination Picasso Museum is on the right. (Picasso Museum, Calle San Agustín, 8).  Walking time is a mere 8 minutes!

Tech notes about navigating in Google Street Views: When viewing the "Virtual Tour of Spain" daily entries on a phone, you may find that you can get "stuck" within a Google Street View while you are swiping up or down on the page. That's because the Google Street View image is live and responds to your finger swiping. Just swipe up or down on the LEFT or RIGHT MARGINS (outside of the Street View image), and your navigation up or down the page continues normally.

YouTube Touring in Malaga
Three great YouTube videos will allow us to virtually -- and visually -- experience Malaga.  Up first is a four minute visual whirlwind tour through Malaga. No narration, just background music ;)

Next is a five and a half-minute narrated tour of the top 12 things to see in Malaga:

Next is a locals' view of top things to do and see in Malaga:

We wrap up our time in Malaga with a non-narrated and really great filmed walk through Malaga at night.  It's the closest you can get to actually walking the evening streets. 13 minutes of walking ... Enjoy!

That's our DAYS TEN to TWELVE, with our memories of Malaga!  Tuesday morning we're off to the Malaga rail station for our train to Ronda. Coming up in next daily post: Our adventures in Ronda, our final destination, for our DAYS TWELVE to FIFTEEN of our Virtual Tour of Spain!



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